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Small Business Website - The future of a small business in the Internet economy hinges on the image which is projected from its website - A professional and dynamic website goes a long way in catapulting the small businesses into a higher league

Irrespective of the size of your business, you need to have a vibrant and business - oriented website that is capable of communicating with your partners and potential customers. Your website gives potential customers, employees, partners, and others a first impression about your company and its professionalism. will provides an affordable website design solution so that it is easier for your business to scale up with time.

Redesign Your Website

Let our company work with you to redesign your current website by updating to current Internet technology or to help create a new look for your site. Our design team will conduct an interview with the client and go through their current site with them to determine needed improvements. First our website designers allow the client to explain what their goals for the site are, not only the purpose and function of the site but also explain what and how they would like features changed. Then our designers will work with the client's old website and the clients suggestions and requests to come up with a redesigned version of the site. Similar to the standard web design process, no coding is done until the client approves the mock-up of the site. So if your company already has a website, but feel that we may be able to help you improve your site, please call us today!

Mobile Web Design

Be where your customers are - anytime, anywhere. have a powerful marketing tool to reach them. The right package for streamlined marketing budgets but with the tools and features to help you meet your goals.

Smart phones and high speed wireless access is evolving moment by moment, launching an explosive growth of mobile website expectations from your customers. In the U.S. alone, there are over 235 million wireless subscribers, and over 45 million of those subscribers own a smartphone. This number continues to rise exponentially with each market research study.

create a mobile site now!

I'm a professional website designer located in Southern New England between Boston and New York City but I can meet and work with clients from all over the United States via the internet. I specialize in web & mobile site design, e-commerce, online marketing, Flash multimedia, and print graphics.

As a reputable website designer, I have been providing quality web design services to Southern New England. I provide web design services to; CT, NYC, RI and Boston.

My Skills:

  • PHP:
  • Adobe Flash:
  • Adobe Photoshop:
  • Adobe Illustrator:
  • Adobe InDesign:
  • Adobe Fireworks:

Contact me for a quote or about your project, 570.861.6157 call or email [email protected]

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